Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
  • Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white

Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white

  • Solamagic
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The german Brand Solamagic is representing infrared heaters characterized by efficiency and economy. An eloquent example is the electric heater model with a power of 2000 W. An efficient electric heater for any garden terrace you want to warm up in a cold season. Solid construction as well as premium component materials provide long life and high reliability. Unlike other models of electric heaters, the Solamagic 2000 W is also intended for professional use in restaurants, cafes or hotels that meet the high quality requirements of professional users. This high performance electric heater can be mounted both in the ceiling and on the wall with flexible gripping systems designed and manufactured in Germany.

Benefits of using electric heater 2.0 kW ECO +:

Efficient electric heater for patio and garden;
Can be used wherever heated comfortable areas neaded;

Heat feels immediately after starting, no preheating is required;
High heating efficiency because the heat is directed to the area that wants to be heated;
Infrared rays can not be redirected by wind action;
It directly heats the bodies, not the air;
- Installation is simple and the operating silent;

- Provided with rain protection system;
- Flexible positioning with wall mounting;
The heater can also be mounted on a wooden base due to the special housing insulation;
Creates a pleasant atmosphere with reddish ambient light;
High power consumption by transforming 92% of the energy consumed in heat;
Efficient use in the open air;
Long lifetime of lamps up to 5000 hours of continuous operation;
Eco-friendly heaters without additional CO2 emissions;
- You will not need extra products like fuel;
Made in Germany.

Technical specifications:

1. Power: 2.0 kW (2000W)
2. Technology:

Helen Philips infrared lamps;
protection class: IP24;
TUV / GS certificate.

3. Electrical network: connection to the 220-230V electrical network
4. Features:

pressure cast aluminum housing with stainless steel joints;
1.8 m connection cable with schuko stecker;
central stainless steel grille;
wall / ceiling system with U-shaped metal profile.

5. Surface with heating action: up to 16 m²
6. Installation:

Recommended height 2.5 m
Possible adjustment angle +/- 30 °

7. Dimensions: length 48.3 cm x width 17.6 cm x height 23.0 cm
8. Weight: 2.86 Kg
9. Color: white-cream: Art.Nr. 9100100

ATTENTION! The german brand Solamagic is providing terraces marketed through www.incalzitoareterase.ro or through their own network of authorized distributors. We do not assume any warranty responsibilities or any kind of intervention for similar products purchased from hypermarkets, cash & carry chains or from other countries.


Warranty: 24 months
Delivery time: 48 hours
Shippment: free of charge
Color: titanium, white, nano-antrachite
Producer warranty: up to 3 years

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