Special Offers

Garden heater 2000 Basic titan
1,190.00 RON 990.00 RON

A base heater, Solamagic 2000 Basic titanium, is an efficient electric heater whose exterior heating..

Electric heater 2.0 kW ECO+ white
1,790.00 RON 1,690.00 RON

The german Brand Solamagic is representing infrared heaters characterized by efficiency and econom..

Terrace heater 2.0 kW ECO+ titan
1,790.00 RON 1,690.00 RON

This garden terrace heater belonging to the german brand Solamagic has 2000 W electric heating power..

Heater for terrace 2 kW Low Glare ECO+ titan
1,890.00 RON 1,790.00 RON

This Solamagic heater for terrace 2 kW (2000 W) with Low Glare technology is recommended for outdoor..

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