Special Offers

Garden heater 2000 Basic titan
1,190.00 RON 990.00 RON

A base heater, Solamagic 2000 Basic titanium, is an efficient electric heater whose exterior heating..

Restaurant heater 2000 Basic white
1,190.00 RON 990.00 RON

This electric base heating device, Solamagic 2000 Basic, is a heater whose exterior heating technolo..

Balcony heater 1.4 kW ECO+ white
1,590.00 RON 1,490.00 RON

The 1400W ECO + electric heater can be used as a balcony heater ideal for narrow spaces with up to 1..

Heater for terrace 2 kW Low Glare ECO+ titan
1,890.00 RON 1,790.00 RON

This Solamagic heater for terrace 2 kW (2000 W) with Low Glare technology is recommended for outdoor..

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